Made in NH Expo 2017

DiZigns  Made in NH Expo 2017  samples were delivered to Events NH/Millyard Communication's office yesterday, a bit late because of underestimating my hours of work, but the finished product is just what I wanted.  

My first step is perusing through fabric and choosing all the matches.  The samples given to MINH to be distributed along with other artisan samples to local businesses, etc., are so important to me.  It is my ultimate form of advertising.  One thing about my bags is that the actual, physical seeing and feeling of them is what really sells them.  So I take the opportunity to mix all 4 sides, outside and lining, with a different design to showcase as many types as I can.  When I make small bags/samples, I can use some of the many small pieces I have to mix and match and as I've shown above, some beautiful pieces.

Last year for MINH 2016, I wanted to show my hearts off as well as the bags, so I had a new idea for Pearl of my Heart gift bags.

Before this design, my hearts were all 3 inch size.  This small 1.5 inch heart opened a whole new door for me.

Before this design, my hearts were all 3 inch size.  This small 1.5 inch heart opened a whole new door for me.

This year I wanted to showcase my decorating of gourds along with the bags, so I included a surprise!

I saw these ADORABLE little ornament gourds and thought it was perfect for me!  So, in every sample bag is a gourd.

I will have these little guys for sale at the expo.  I have been trying to perfect finishing the larger gourds I decorate similarly to withstand outside weather and be  used as birdhouses (or I may be making some feeders).  So, I have coated these with the waterproof finish that I came to use for the larger outdoor ones which gives them a great, glossy shine.  Then I decorated them with tiny, tiny cute.  As with my bags, I wanted people to see the gourds and then fall in love with them.    

I love all these crazy, slightly different shapes!!

More updates will follow in regards to the expo, and feel free to visit the website:

check out the vendors, different facebooks pages and if you want to get posts feel free to like the pages.  Also, if you are interested, I began my blogging at last years expo (my first one) and you can see some of the fun you can experience.  The blogging has carried on to every show for me and it makes the event even better.