These small, charming bags will delight anyone as a gift, with or without some special trinket inside. They are luxurious and elegant to the touch. The designs, the embroidery, the embellishments….simple or more fancy….make a beautiful gift. 

All the bags are lined with soft, smooth designer fabrics that have a great feel when reaching inside.

The 6 bags below could be gift bags for a wedding party. All coordinated in striking designer fabrics, but each unique and special. These bags do not need more adornments, but lace, pearls and roses can be added for more effect.

Click on the gallery of images below to view each bag, front and back

DiZigns playfully uses different fabric on fronts, backs and linings. Mixing fabrics that compliment each other from the many archives of designer fabric pieces. Any special orders can be accommodated; from using my different artistic choices (with pre-approval), to all bags being the same fabrics, to customer supplying a fabric choice.

The above images show the bags with lace and pearls added.

A great combination gift for a wedding couple is this “Mahogany Thin” heart with the couples initials (or perhaps just the initial of the last name) in one of the elegant bags. It actually is like getting 2 gifts because the heart will be hung somewhere and the bag will hold some special trinket from the wedding.

The bags below have layers of shimmering sheers. Peruse through the gallery to view closer images and the descriptions of the layers.